Ultra GrandLok Double Hung

The Ultra GrandLok Double Hung – from the Mastic Series

Distinctive Style & Superior Design

The “Ultra” Grandlok window is the ultimate in “beauty, efficiency and strength, designed to enhance your home’’ appearance while increasing its comfort level.” The beauty of the new soft curved welded sash design, equal lites of glass and the unique cove mold look of the welded master frame offers a more traditional wood window interior and exterior appearance. Energy efficiency, security and sound transmission performance are achieved by ¾” “Warm Edge” insulating glass, maximum weather stripping and precisely engineered interlocking vinyl window extrusions. The strength of the “Ultra” Grandlok window comes from heavy wall construction, fusion welded frame and sashes, interlocking meeting rail and a low profile one piece sloped sill. Finally the natural beauty of the maintenance free finish of Sunshield vinyl, which retains its sheen year after year.

Every “Ultra” Grandlok fully welded window is custom-sized to your specifications, designed and constructed to meet your needs with styles and options you choose. This assures you of a perfect fit without altering the architectural structure of your home. Quick and clean installation is performed by qualified professionals.

To back your investment your “Ultra” Grandlok window manufacturer stands behind every window with one of the best warranties in the industry. Quality materials, superb construction and expert installation give you a window that will last a lifetime. Ask for the best in replacement windows –“Ultra” Grandlok welded windows – your assurance of satisfaction.

“Ultra” Grandlok welded windows are available in almost every size in a variety of styles and can be combined with casement windows for a seamless appearance. Select a traditional window or design a special look by combining with picture windows, casements, awnings, sliders, and the classic bay or bow. All the windows made of Sunshield vinyl are available in White, Desert Sand, Clay, and Earthbrown.

  • White, Sand, Clay/White, Earthbrown/White Color Choices
  • Custom Colors Available Through our AmeriColor Program
  • Double Coated Low E Glass
  • Argon Filled Glass Units
  • Super Spacer
  • Foamfilled Sashes and Mainframe
  • Fusion Welded Frame and Sash
  • Unique Cove Mold Look
  • 5 Degree Positive Sloped Sill
  • Deeply Pocketed Head
  • Heavy Walled Construction
  • Proven Balance System
  • New Soft Curved Sash Design
  • Attractive Integral Lift Rail
  • Dual Tilt In Sashes
  • Equal Glass Size
  • Recessed-in Tilt Latches
  • ¾” Insulating Glass System
  • Warm Edge Technology
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail
  • Die Cast Cam Lock and Keeper
  • Double Night Vent Latches
  • Two Layers of Weather Stripping
  • Non-Corrosive Hardware
  • Sunshield Vinyl
  • AAMA Certified, NFRC Rated, and Energy Star Approved

The Vinyl, The Spacer, The Glass

The Vinyl

The design of the window and the quality of the vinyl extrusion insures the beauty and performance of the finished product. The window systems of American Window are designed and extruded by our partner, Deceuninck Plastics. Deceuninck is recognized as a leading extruder of vinyl window and door systems in the United States. Deceuninck Plastics is acknowledged as the world’s largest vinyl profile extruder. www.deceuninck.com

The Spacer

When selecting windows for your home you want to look for products that give you the quality and performance your home deserves. A good place to start is to look for windows that have Super Spacer® insulated glass from Edgetech.

Super Spacer® is a unique formula manufactured with Thermoset Spacer (TSS®) technology. Thermoset polymers are materials with crosslinks that become permanently set during the curing process. Thanks to this technology, the spacer will expand and contract, but it will always return to its original shape. Super Spacer’s 100% memory formula will stand up to a wide range of temperatures, and is even designed to provide outstanding UV resistance.

The Super Spacer® design and formula is better at retaining insulating gas than conventional spacer designs. Also it is one of the best “Warm Edge Technology spacer systems, available in the industry. Super Spacers® warm edge efficiency reduces condensation and all its negative health effects. Super Spacer® is therefore the Health Smart choice in high performance glass. While windows sealed with Super Spacer protect you from the foul weather, there’s something else they keep outside – noise. That’s because the closed-cell polymer foam in Super Spacer transmits very little sound compared to conventional metal spacers. And another reason you’re more comfortable with Super Spacer. www.superspacer.com

The Glass

American Window offers some of the most advanced glass technology in our window systems. The optional Solarban 60 Low-E glass is a value-added product that brings energy savings and comfort to your home.

PPG Solarban 60 Solar Control Low-E glass is engineered to provide year-round comfort, keeping your home cooler in the summer by keping out solar heat and warmer in the winter by keeping furnace heat inside.

PPG Solarban 60 Low-E glass helps your home become more energy efficient and comfortable thanks to an almost invisible, microscopically thin coating that blocks out unwanted solar energy and keeps in furnace heat. Additionally, Solarban 60 Low-E significantly reduces the fabric fading effects of ultraviolet light and resists condensation and it’s effects on your home environment.

PPG has pioneered the glass technology found in the world’s best windows, like those of American Window.www.ppgglass.com

Quality Certification

American Window has set the standard for quality and service in the window industry. Our windows and doors are engineered and built to meet the highest standards and specifications in the industry. American Window custom vinyl windows are certified and tested to AAMA and NFRC standards, as well as enjoying a partnership with the Energy StarR program.

The Energy Star window program is a voluntary partnership between the US Department of Energy and participating window manufacturers. All of our windows using Solarban 60 Low-E are Energy Star compliant.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit, public-private organization created by the window, door, and skylight industry. It has established a voluntary national energy performance rating and labeling system. All windows produced by American Window meet NFRC rating guidelines.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is a voluntary organization that establishes material erformance standards for the window industry. Our windows meet or exceed the AAMA guidelines.

As you can see, our windows and doors meet or exceed demanding rating requirements, providing a lifetime of top-quality, performance and efficiency.

Replacement Window Warranty

American Window, manufacturer of a high quality, energy efficient vinyl window system, warrants to you, the original purchaser of our American Vinyl Window and Vinyl Doors, that this product, under normal use and service, will be free of manufacturing and/or material defects as long as you own and reside in the home in which the windows were installed.

  • Window and Sash Frames: Lifetime Coverage
  • Hardware: Lifetime Coverage
  • Screens: Lifetime Coverage
  • Insulated Glass Unit: Lifetime Coverage
  • Coated Windows: 10 Years

See Limited Lifetime Transferable Replacement Window Warranty for complete details.


Window Styles:

Choose from the “Ultra” Grandlok Double Hung, 2 Lite Slider, 3 Lite Slider, or Picture Window.


You may add many grid options to the “Ultra” Grandlok Replacement window. Choose from Colonial Standard, Contour, Brass, Prairie Style (in Stock Colors or Brass), Diamond Shape (in Stock Colors or Brass) as a few of the many options available in the grid options.


Solarban 60 Low-E glass, Argon gas, and Super Spacer is standard in all “Ultra” Grandlok Replacement windows. You may choose to upgrade the glass with options including grey-tinted, bronze-tinted, obscure glass, tempered glass.


The “Ultra” Grandlok Replacement windows are available in our standard stock colors of White, Sand, Clay, and Earthbrown.

AmeriColor – Color Select Program:

The “Ultra” Grandlok Replacement windows are now offered in the Americolor Color Select Program. We now offer nine exciting exterior colors. Windows are now available in the Mastic colors: Sandtone, Desert Sand, Wicker, Cameo, Silver Grey, Victorian Grey, and Harbor Grey. Additionally we offer the rich Hunter Green color and Architectural Bronze. (Some restrictions apply on grids and screening options.)


Half aluminum screens are standard on the “Ultra” Grandlok Replacement windows. You may choose full screens for your windows as an additional option.


The “Ultra” Grandlok Replacement windows can be mulled into twin units, triple units, and stacked units.

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