A Rainbow of Window Colors

American Window is excited about announcing our AmeriColor, Color Select Window Program. American Window will now offer any of our windows in nine exciting exterior colors. We have chosen popular colors from the Mastic/Alcoa siding lines to enhance the color opportunities for window sales.

We now make windows available to you in the following attractive Mastic colors: Sandtone, Desert Sand, Wicker, Cameo, Silver Grey, Victorian Grey, and Harbor Grey.

Additionally we will offer the rich Hunter Green color, and to satisfy the commercial market we will have the additional color offering of Architectural Bronze.

Most exciting, we will bring these coated windows to you in a two week delivery time. We will have the greatest selection at the shortest delivery time in the industry. And our coated products will be very competitively priced for you. Contact us and let us show you.

These choices will be available as exterior colors only. The inside color will remain either White or Sand. Since these are not industry colors, matching grids will not be available. Therefore units must use either brass grids or exterior colors could be accented with existing White, Sand, Clay/White, or Earthbrown/White grids, or the units must simply be ordered as clear.

Screens on all AmeriColor windows will be produced with full fiberglass screens only.

Additionally, custom colors will be available at additional lead times and at a moderately increased cost.

Our AmeriColor coating has been field proven on both vinyl windows and vinyl siding for 15 years. The product performs excellent in all environments.

We believe the AmeriColor, Color Select Program extends the dealer a highly unique opportunity to set himself apart from competition by individualizing the window program for the homeowner. The extended variety gives you the ability to eliminate mere color objections to the sell. And the AmeriColor program provides you greater specialization and technological distinction in your sales pitch. This simply translates into a stronger pitch and greater sales.

So contact us or your American sales representative about our AmeriColor, Color Select Program. It is a true opportunity to add a little color to your sales.

Note: Color may vary slightly from actual color. Always refer to actual color samples before making color selection.

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