Horizon NC Single Hung

Distinctive Style

With the beauty of a sunset on the horizon, the earth itself blocks the warming heat of the sun and the energy escapes our environment. In contrast, the Horizon Single Hung New Construction Window blocks the escape of comfortable setting throughout the year for your home.

The Horizon is the new, beautifully designed aesthetic single hung new construction window from Earthwise Vinyl Windows. With contour lines and sculpted millwork features, the Horizon Single Hung New Construction Window will give the new home that you’re building, an elegant, distinctive look.

Beyond style, this fully welded vinyl window offers the most technologically advanced design and thermal performance in the window industry. The state-of-the-art materials and precision engineering insures you a quiet, secure environment with unsurpassed efficiency that lowers the cost of comfort year round.

And best of all, the Horizon Single Hung New Construction Window is an Earthwise Vinyl Window. Earthwise windows are guaranteed to last a lifetime and will improve the comfort and appearance of your home. So make the intelligent choice in windows. Be Window-wise, choose a window by Earthwise.

Superior Design

  • Millwork-Look Exterior Frame Design
  • Fusion Welded Sash and Mainframe
  • Extra Wide, Sturdy Integral Nailing Fin
  • Patented Integral J-Channel Design
  • Maintenance Free Vinyl Construction
  • Tilt-in Bottom Sash
  • Slope Sill Design
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail Design
  • 3/4″ SpacerWise Insulated Glass System
  • Advanced Balance System Technology
  • Full Length Extruded Handle Rail
  • Designer Cam Lock
  • Optional Earthwise E Glass Low E Glass
  • Optional Jamb Extension Products

Proven Quality

Earthwise Vinyl Windows has set the standard for quality and service in the window industry.  Our windows and doors are engineered and built to meet the highest standards and specifications in the industry.  Earthwise custom vinyl windows are tested to AAMA and NFRC standards, as well as enjoying a partnership with the Energy Star program.

The Energy Star window program is a voluntary partnership between the US Department of Energy and participating window manufacturers.  All of our windows using Earthwise E Glass Low E are Energy Star compliant.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit, public-private organization created by the window, door, and skylight industry.  It has established a voluntary national energy performance rating and labeliing system.  All Earthwise Vinyl Windows meet NFRC rating guidelines.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is a voluntary organization that establishes material performance standards for the window industry.  Our windows meet or exceed the AAMA guidelines.

As you can see, our windows and doors meet or exceed demanding rating requirements, providing a lifetime of top-quality, performance and efficiency.

Horizon Single Hung Options:


Many styles are available in all stock and custom size windows.


Glazing options include Earthwise E Glass Low E glass, tinted, or obscure glass, tempered glass and argon gas.


Available in a variety of designer color choices


Half fiber screens are standard but aluminum screen-wire is available.


Earthwise windows can be factory or on-site mulled.

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