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American Window and Glass, Inc. is a member of the Earthwise Group. Through our commitment to quality and service, the Earthwise Group has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal! The Good Housekeeping Seal is only earned after a product passes a review by the laboratories of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Since 1909 the Good Housekeeping Seal has given consumers peace of mind, know that products displaying the seal meet the highest standards of quality. We're proud to have earned this seal for you, our customer.

Earthwise is one of a handful of window manufacturers to receive this prestigious honor. The Good Housekeeping Seal has always been seen to be a sign of quality and product excellence. Now the Earthwise Windows that we sell provides this quality assurance for our customers.

Take a look at the Good Housekeeping Presentation and visit Good Housekeeping on the web at www.goodhousekeepingseal.com